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Sightseeing recommendations + Local experiences = Yowtrip travel guides

We believe that the best way to travel is when you meet locals and get a chance to experience what locals do. So, we want to bring this to travel guidebooks.

As a local ambassador, you will:

  • Create custom travel guides, with day-by-day recommendation about where to go, see, do in your city.
  • Be willing to share some local experience with travellers who purchase your guides: walk around, go for drinks, invite them for dinner, etc.

What do you have to do as local ambassador?

Once we receive a travel guide request, we will send it to the local ambassadors. You will create a travel guide with suggestions about places to visit, eat, hang out based on the travellers interests. You may include some local experiences if you're available.

How much are the travel guides and how much do you get?

The prices of the travel guides are fixed based on the length of travel, starting at $9 USD and $3 per day after that. The local ambassadors keep 75% of the amount paid.

How does it work exactly?

  1. The travellers send a request via Yowtrip with their travel interests.
  2. We send these requests to our local ambassadors.
  3. The local ambassadors have 72h to create their custom travel guide and local experiences.
  4. The travellers select the travel guide that best fits their interests.
  5. Only the selected travel guide gets paid.

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