Custom Travel Guides from a Local Friend

1) Tell us about your travel plans

  • Where you're going, how many people, your budget, and a little about yourself.
  • What kind of things you're interested in seeing: architecture, history, etc.
  • Some local experiences that you'd be interested.

2) Our local ambassadors will create Custom Travel Guides based on your preferences

  • Day by day activity / places about where to go and what to do.
  • Unique local restaurant/bar activity / places.
  • If available, meet with the local ambassador and some of their friends.

3) You choose a Travel Guide and go travel like a local

  • If you receive more than one custom local guide, you choose one
  • Travel like a local!

Meet some of our local ambassadors

Right now, you might be planning your next vacation.
When you're back, you should consider becoming a Yowtrip local ambassador and help travellers coming to your city!